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Monday, June 4, 2012

Update on Me!

Hi blog friends, happy Monday to you! As promised I am here to give you the update on my doctor visit this morning. My MRI came back showing some progression since my last one so my doctor wants me to start going back to pain management for epidural shots. I've been there and done that already! In addition I have had acupuncture, tens units, cortizone shots and physical therapy multiple times. Not sure that this time around will be any different but I'll give it a go. My doctor is still keeping me on my pain medications for my pain. For those of you who are wondering why I'm in pain so much, I have a very bad back and need surgery(only I don't want surgery, too risky). I have a protruding disk that is sitting on my sciatic nerve causing lots of nerve damage to my left side of the body and I have a lumbar ridiculathpy and constant back spasms. It truly stinks! My blood work all came back and showed that my thyroid levels are extremely low so my doctor has upped the medicaiton for that. Also, I am no longer borderline diabetic, I am now a true type-2 diabetic! No more controlling by diet. Now I have to take Metformin twice a day to help lower my blood sugar levels. SIGH! Ok but there was some good news at this visit. In the past 4 weeks I have lost 9 pounds due to changing my eating habits to a healthier diet!! YAY! The metformin will also cause me to lose between 10-20 more pounds per my doctor so that is happy news for me! BUT ....WAIT FOR IT...... my mammogram came back NORMAL... it's benign~ SO thank you to all of you who said prayers for me and kept me in your thoughts! Well thats it for the update but stay tuned because tomorrow I am going to have another card for ya with a new stamp from La-La Land Crafts. =) 


  1. I'm so glad you gave us an update because I was wondering what went on with the mammogram. SOOOOOOOOOO relieved to hear it was benign. BIG sigh of relief, right?

    Sorry to hear about your back and diabetes....but you sound like you're handling it in a very positive way. I hope the pain meds for your back really kick in and relieve your pain.

  2. Yes Denise it was a huge sigh of relief for sure! I can handle the diabetes because my grandfather had it and I'm very educated on it however; cancer is another story ya know? It was extremely scary and i'm very thankful that it was benign. Thanks so much for keeping me in prayer girlfriend. =)

  3. YAY WooHooooo, I'm so happy for you! Jo, Mine's came back benign too. It was so scary for me I have three older children that can take care of themselves If God chose to take me back but I have a 16 and and a little one that just turned 9 yrs old. I want to live as long as I can for them. I am sorry to here about your other health issues and your pain. I don't know if the back surgery would be good or not, it really is risky,but living with so much pain is not good either. I pray you find some comfort some how. Please take care. Hugs and God bless!

  4. AWW thank you Wanda! I'm glad yours came back benign too!! It is very scary! Hugs gf!


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