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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Talk Time Tuesday with Ask Jo~

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Hello my crafty friends!
Welcome to another Talk Time Tuesday!
Before I get to the Q&A's, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to a very special follower, Tina from Denami Addict. Tina awarded me with an award which you can read about Here but I wanted to post what sweet words she had to say about me and my blog which made me feel pretty darn good! In Tina's words, "Jo from Jo's Scrap Shack. There's always A LOT going on over on Jo's blog! Inspiration, challenges, giveaways, shopping...I have no clue how she keeps up with it all...I'm in awe!!"
So thank you Tina and I appreciate your kind words very much. This is why I continue to try and bring fun challenges and features to my blog for you all, because if I am making at least one of you happy, then I am doing something right! 

Okay so now onto our Ask Jo segment. Our first question comes from Migdalia R. who asks, "So tell me are you going to buy a Silhouette or continue to use Pazzles? Is there a different besides the files?"
Hi Migdalia!
The answer is no, no and with a capital N, No... I will not be jumping on the cameo bandwagon and purchasing a machine. As intriguing as the Silhouette may be to many, my pazzles inspiration machine is way more intriguing and awesome! I will continue to use my Pazzles because truth be told, the Pazzles does more then the Cameo and it has been out long before the Cameo was thought of. There is a difference in what files both machines originally were designed to cut. The Silhouette was designed to cut SVG files and the pazzles was designed to cut WPC files however; the Pazzles can cut WPC, SVG, and AI files thanks to the Pazzles team with their continuous efforts in making changes to the software and providing us with updates. Now I can cut any SVG file that I want!
If you want a comparison on the two machines and to explain why I LOVE my pazzles,
 well here ya go!

Pazzles can cut up to 12x24" with additional cutting mat
Cameo can cut up to 12x12"

Pazzles new out of the box gives you 300 ready to cut images
Cameo new out of the box gives you 51 ready to cut images

Pazzles has a craft room with a paid monthly membership that gives you:
  • Extensive Catalog of High Resolution Easy To Follow Video Tutorials
  • Massive Library of Pre-Designed Cuttable Images For Use With Pazzles Creative Cutters
  • Exclusive Help For Members From Talented Pazzles Designers
  • Amazing Projects With Recipes and Instructions
  • Member and Staff Photo Albums In Pazzles Albums
  • Community Forums
  • Exclusive Members Only Discount Store
  • and Klo's Classroom with FREE classes weekly, hundreds of archived class videos and free cut files from each class.

  • Cameo gives you an online store with files to purchase
    Pazzles also has the ability to etch, distress, write with a pen, create rhinestones patterns and create your own stamps.
    So while both machines are good investments, the Pazzles Inspiration does more and has been out longer and the Pazzles Team is always looking for new ways to update the software to allow pazzles users to get more from their machines. So hope this answers your question Migdalia! I hope to hear from you again soon!
    Our next question comes from Dawn M. who asks, "How do we take a blinkie from one site and add it to our own?"
    Hi Dawn!
    On most blogs like my own, there will be an html code under the blinkie. You will want to click on it and click copy. Once you are logged into your blogger account, click on settings and then go to "layout". Once you are in the layout screen, you will click on "add gadget". A box will pop up and you will want to scroll down the list of gadgets until you see "HTML/Text". Click on that and then a new box will open. Just paste the blinkie code inside this box and click save. That will put the blinkie on your sidebar usually at the top of your sidebar. You can then move it to wherever you want it on your sidebar. If a blinkie does NOT have a code underneath it, that means the blinkie was created with the code embedded inside it. So all you would do is right click on the blinkie and click on "save as" and save the blinkie to your computer(preferably your desktop) just like you would save a picture. Then repeat the steps once you are in blogger to add a gadget only this time, scroll through the gadgets until you see, "PICTURE/IMAGE" and click this one. This will allow you to search your computer for the blinkie and upload it like you would any other picture. Once you find the blinkie, click save and it will be on your sidebar at the top.
    I hope this has helped you Dawn and I hope to hear from you again soon! 
    Well my friends, that's all I got for ya today. Until next week's Talk Time Tuesday
    Enjoy life's blessings~


    1. Firstly, yay for the mini shoutout to Tina! She's a dear friend and I'm so glad you gals have connected! :)

      Secondly, what a fun feature! Loved reading your answers!

    2. Thank you for answering my question with so much Info!!I did not know much about Pazzles and what I do know of the Silhouette is very little. I am a newbee and still learning. The 300 ready to cut images..WOW! That's AMAZING!TFS
      THANK YOU my friend!!
      Have a wonderful day,
      ♥ Crafting With Creative M ♥
      ♥ 2 Creative Chicks ♥
      ♥ Silhouette Challenges ♥

      1. Yep 300 images already loaded up and ready to cut PLUS if you subscribe to the Craft room, there are hundreds and hundreds of images to download and cut for FREE! No purchase required. Just food for thought~


    3. *blush* You are too sweet!!! I truly am in awe of your blog, it's awesome :)

      Hmm, great breakdown on the differences between the 2 machines. I've been thinking about a silhouette off & on but you have me back tracking and looking at the Pazzles...it sounds FAB!!! The support from their designers makes me feel warm & toasty, that's a big selling point!!

      1. Well I am not trying to be an enabler or anything but I think... and please don't quote me because I could be wrong here but... I think you can get the pazzles machine for just $99 as long as you purchase a 2yr membership to the pazzles craft room with the first month's membership due at the time you purchase the machine. So I think you can get the machine home for less then the cameo. You would have to look into it. Either way though, the pazzles is the better investment in my opinion... =)


    4. Great questions again. Congratulations on your award Jo. I love my cutting machine the KNK when I use it LOL. I really must do some more creating with it :D

    5. Great info. TFS.

    6. I can't wait to get my Pazzles Jo! You have done such a great job explaining the differences of both machines, what I also loved about the Pazzles machine is that it can cut pretty thick chipboard and I know that the Cameo can't. Thanks for suggesting this machine to me my friend. I do think this is the better of the two machines! Hugs!

    7. Thanks for the information...loved reading your answers. Very helpful! Also, congrats on your award Jo!
      Have a great evening!
      Sherrie K


    Your lovely comments always put a smile on my face! I love reading each and every one! Thank you for stopping by~