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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Talk Time Tuesday with Ask Jo~

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Hello Friends!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My weekend consisted mainly of lots of organizing and reorganizing in my craft room. Do you ever stop to think of how often you find yourself changing your organization methods in your crafty space? I find that this is a never-ending job! LOL

I was also blessed with a trip to the Great American Scrapbook Convention on Saturday. I was able to do some shopping but I must say that I was not impressed this year as much of the product was old. I did not see much of anything new. I did manage to get my hands on a few cool "new" things to me, which I may do a haul video on but I really was not "wowed" by anything new and amazing. Bummer!

Well moving on and seeing as it is Tuesday, I'd like to welcome you back to another Talk Time Tuesday with Ask Jo! Our first question comes from Jen G. who asks, "what is your favourite technique?"

Hi Jen!
    I guess it really depends on what I am doing as to which my favorite technique would be. When I am making cards, my favorite technique is emboss resist. I just love the way I can create backgrounds with my stamps and color them in using inks, chalks or perfect pearls and see the beautiful creations form while resisting the embossed portion of the stamp. When I am working on altered art, mixed media projects and canvas projects, I love using my masks, gelatos and misting sprays. Love the look of what masks and some sprays or gelatos can achieve. It starts off as a blank canvas and turns into a beautiful piece of art! Thanks so much for your question Jen. I sure hope to hear back from you again soon!

Our next question comes from Valerie L. who asks, "How did you get started in paper crafting? Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the crafting items you have?"

Hi Valerie!
   For the most part, I have always been into papers and crafting. I remember when I was just 13, I lived across the street from a paper company. Every Sunday I would go over and they would give me stacks and stacks of all kinds of papers, different textures, sizes and weights. I used to make my own envelopes and my own note cards at that age. But what really got me into the craft was when a friend invited me to a Creative Memories party back in 2003. I was hooked from that point on!

  I am always overwhelmed with the amount of supplies I have! Especially when I am organizing and trying to see what I have in my stash. Sometimes I forget what I have until I discover it again by cleaning and rearranging everything around. It's like Christmas all over again for me when I discover things that I totally forgot I had LOL. For the most part though, I've been getting extremely good at organizing and using what I do have, and not buying anything new unless I need something specific for a project that I may be working on.(exception is when going to convention lol) I have enough supplies and paper to last me a lifetime and then some, literally. I could open up my own store with my stash! I think the most beneficial advice I can give ya today is, purge or donate what you won't use, start using up what you do have, before purchasing more and get organized! Being organized helps you to know what you do have and allows you to use it!! Thanks so much for the wonderful questions Valerie and I hope to hear from you again soon!!

Well my friends that concludes another segment of "Ask Jo" and as always, I've enjoyed answering your questions. Please keep the questions coming my friends as I'm always looking forward to hearing from you! Until next week... enjoy life's blessings!


  1. Had to smile at your answer on the organizing your stash. That fit me to a perfect "T". Mine is so disorganized, I think I remember having a specific 'something', but where is it. I have piles of paper stacks in drawers (I'm with paper like I used to be with fabric)...in piles on tops of things, setting on the floor. Some of which just got wet in our recent mishap! Now trying to dry it out to see if salvageable at the center. I admire anyone who can get their stamp room organized, keep it that way, find stuff and use it up! Great answer, and great goal to try to achieve. TFS.

  2. I enjoyed your answers! I have purged and do use what I have when I'm crafting at home but it's really hard working at a crafting store to not buy what is new! I do find when cropping at the store it is much easier to buy what I'm going to use there than carry papers from home. Just my two cents worth!

  3. Wow those were some great questions and great answers! I don't scrap/craft away from home so I really try to use what I have. I don't venture out much to buy much either. But I was just talking about purging myself. I have so much "old" stuff from the CM's days. lol Some things I can part with and some I can't. I'm hopeless! lol

  4. Love this segment. All these years of knowing you Jo and I didn't know what your favourite technique was!!!! Emboss resist - maybe we will have a Funday Friday Challenge of that to show your favourite technique at work.

    The answer to the second question well that is just great blackmail material :D
    Oh how I will remind you next time you are drooling over the additions to your wish list that you said in black and white ... not buying anything new unless I need something specific for a project that I may be working on hehehe

    Please keep the blackmail material coming :P


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