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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Talk Time Tuesday with Ask Jo & some Winners~

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Hello my friends!
I am getting bad aren't I? Every week it seems I am slacking in getting the posts scheduled out on time but I promise that is all going to stop. I know ya'll are not wanting to hear this and probably think it is just an excuse but it really does have to do a lot with my health. My doctor has decided to change one of my meds and I will be getting more shots to hopefully help with the pain so hang in there with me! I also want to say thank you for the patience to all of you who have won prizes. I finally got a new car this past weekend so now I can get to the post office to mail out all your prizes! So if you are a winner and have not received it, that is why! All packages will be mailed out on Friday, September 6th.
 Ok so before I get on to today's Ask Jo Q&A,
I want to announce the winners from last week's challenge.
Our top 3 are.....

# 2 Designs by Dragonfly
# 3 Marilyn
#7 Melissa Sunshine Honeybee 
And now our winner of the
5 digital stamps by Stamp Art Designs, is....
Congratulations ladies!
Please email me at:
Joann6274 at gmail dot com to get your prizes! You will have 2 weeks to claim your prize.
Okay now on to our Ask Jo Q&A:

Our first question today comes from Tammy who asks, "Jo if you could meet one person in real life in the crafting industry who would that person be and why?

Hi Tammy!
I LOVE this question! There are so many people that I would love to meet up with that this is actually a hard one. To just pick only 1? UGGG!!! LOL Well I suppose if I have to choose just one person, I would love to meet up with Ali Edwards. I love Ali's way of thinking and her process of approaching scrapbooking. Many of my followers probably would not know this and maybe you don't know this either Tammy but when I first started out in the papercrafting world, I started out as a scrapbooker and it became my life. It became my life until May 1st of 2009 when I lost my grandfather who literally was my dad in every way that counted. At that moment I could no longer scrapbook because he was in all of my photos, every event, every birthday and every holiday. That is when card making and other paper crafts became my life and scrapbooking was put on the back burner. Until Ali of course. I had read an article in the spring of 2011 by Ali that inspired me so much that I pulled out my partially finished album and started to once again, scrap. Ali pulled me out of a dark depression and brought me back to life again. I was finally able to smile and relive my memories through my photographs and document those memories without the tears, anger and depression. She saved me and for that, I would love to meet her to just say "Thank you". Besides, she's a very talented woman who has an artistic soul and an eye for design. Thanks for asking Tammy! I would love to hear who your 1 person would be to meet! Write back in and let me know~~

Our next question comes from Jen T. who asks,"I love the advice you gave last week to the woman about her out of control boy. Your answer to her helped me with my 4 year old so thanks to the both of you. Ok  I have been a lurker and mainly checking in each week to read the questions and answers and when I saw that you may have to shut this part of your blog I screamed No really loud. My husband thought I was nuts lol. So I like it so much I decided to send in a question and hope that you continue this part about your blog. I hope others who are lurkers like I am come forward and start asking questions to because it would be a shame to see this go. My question is how do you decide which paper to use for your projects?" 

Hello Jen!
There are a few factors that help me decide on which papers I am going to use. The first thing that helps me decide is the type of project I am working on. If I am doing a scrapbook layout, the first thing I do is look at my photos and find the color that is "hiding" the most and then bring that out. I like to use the word hiding but what I'm trying to say, is there is always one color in a photograph that doesn't stand out as much as the other colors. That is the color I go for. I will pull paper to match that color as close as I can so that it brings that color out more.
If I am working on making a card I will pull papers that match the colors in my images. When I make a card, my first step is to pick out a stamp and then from there I decide on how I want that stamp to be colored. Do I want to use colored pencils? Copic markers? Spectrum Noir markers? Watercolors? Etc... After I figure out what medium I will use to color that image and have it all colored in, then I go on the hunt for the papers. I like to match my papers to the colors I used in my images but once again, I tend to bring out colors that are "hiding" or that are very soft and not jumping out at me. LOL
Now if I am working on a mixed media project or a mini album, I choose my papers first. I'll select whatever papers are appealing to me at that time. From there I will pull out embellishments and accessories to match my papers. It is literally reversed but this is just how I go about choosing papers. I hope this has helped you some and I'm so glad you decided to jump out, say hi and not be a lurker! If there are other lurkers reading this, come out and say hi too! We wanna hear from you!!!
Thanks for the great questions today Tammy and Jen!
 Well my friends that's it for today. I hope you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by and until next time.... Enjoy life's blessings~


  1. Wow these were really awesome questions!! What to go Jen, so glad that you stopped being just a lurker and joined in!!! Although I can relate as I am sometimes a lurker too. lol Congrats to all the winners too!!

  2. Congrats to the winners and top 3!! Awesome Q & A!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Thanks so much for the top 3 honor.

  4. WOW!! Top 3 and winner. Thanks sooo much


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