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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Talk Time Tuesday with Ask Jo~

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Hello my friends!
Welcome to another Talk Time Tuesday episode!
Our first question today comes from Sam who asks, "What is your favorite stamp company and your favorite scrapbooking company?

Hi Sam!
It is so hard to narrow it down to just one company for each because there are so many companies that I love and shop from. Oh Lord... why did you have to make this a hard one? LOL
I guess one of my favorite stamp companies on the very top of my list is Lawn Fawn. I love their stamps so very much. They stamp with a very clear and crisp impression each time and they do a fabulous job of creating such images with adorable smiley faces on them! To see what I mean, check out the corn, fork, spoon, turkey leg and pie from the Happy Feast stamp set. So stinkin cute!

Now for my favorite scrapbooking company....
One that is on the very top of my list is Scrapbook Supply. They have everything you need for scrapbooking from adhesives to albums and everything in between. They are very reasonably priced too. I like how easy their website is to navigate through to whichever section you are looking for.
Thanks so very much Sam for your question! Hope to hear from you again soon!
Our next question comes from Amanda who asks,"Hi Jo. My question is geared towards getting to know you on a personal level. If you do not mind answering this how many children do you have? Pets? Also what nationality are you and where do you come from?

Hello Amanda!
I like your questions! I like sharing my personal life with you all so that can get to know me better. Okay so to answer your latter questions first. I am from my mama =) Wonderful woman that she is .. her name is Barbara hehe but being serious now... I am originally from New Jersey. I was born and raised in NJ's capital of Trenton. I moved from NJ to Pennsylvania in 2004 where I lived until moving here to Texas 2 years ago. I am Italian and German. Mainly Italian. I grew up with the Italian side of my family and followed my Italian family traditions. Unfortunately, I cannot speak the language although I would love to learn it someday.
Now to answer the first part of your question. I have 2 beautiful children. My son Anthony Joseph (AJ for short) was a blessing given to me on December 11th in the year of 1993. He will be 20 years old this year and he is engaged to a wonderful girl Celeste and they have their own home in New York where Celeste grew up and goes to college.

 My son works part time at ShopRite Food Stores in the Deli and goes to school studying Culinary Arts. He is a fantastic cook! He learned a lot from me before heading off to culinary school. He is very talented too. He draws exceptionally well, plays the guitar, writes music and sings beautifully. His dream is to own his own Italian restaurant someday and to open up a school to teach music as a side business.
In 1996 I ended up having a miscarriage to a sweet child that I had no idea I was carrying. At the time, my husband and I were not trying for any children. We were enjoying Anthony and I was taking the pill contraceptive every day. That is what ended up causing the miscarriage. After that happened I got off of it right away and decided to wait six months and then start to try to conceive again. Nothing happened. I was told by doctors for years after that, that I could no longer have children because the miscarriage caused too much scarring. 
Well nearly ten years after Anthony, I was blessed with another precious gift from God; my beautiful daughter Gianna Celeste (Gia for short). I was blessed with Gia on August 19th in the year of 2003.
At this point all my prayers and dreams had come true because I was able to have another child and I was blessed with both a boy and a girl. Gia just turned 10 years old. She is a home schooled 5th grader who has a passion for singing, writing music and dancing. She sings beautifully. Gia's favorite color is Lime Green and favorite pattern is zebra. She loves to read, swim and hang out with her friends. She loves animals and wants to someday become a veterinarian if her dream of becoming a professional singer does not work out.

  Both of my children have similarities in their music interests and I guess they tend to get that from me. When I was 11, I was approached by a scout wanting to record me but at the time my mother was unable to relocate us to California. My dream of becoming a professional singer dwindled at that moment and as I got older, that dream seemed further out of reach due to the way life panned out, Married at 18, mom at 19 however; I am also a very good singer and writer. Now I just write in my pastime.
As for pets, I have one very spoiled furbaby, Tiki Barker!
 (Yes named after retired NY Giants, Tiki Barber)
Tiki was born on November 11th in the year of 2004. He is a full breed Shih Tzu with a gorgeous brindle(snow white/tan/gray/black) coat of fur.He came to live with us just 7 short weeks later and he will be turning 9 this year. He has been our pride and joy ever since he came into our lives. He grew up pretty much with Gia and has always protected her. Tiki is a very well behaved dog. He is fully house trained, listens very well and is the most lovable and playful pet. He gives us so much joy and so much love that I could not ask for a better furbaby to love.
Well I sure hope this has helped you to get to know me and my family a bit more Amanda. I look forward to hearing from you again.
Thanks for the great questions today Sam and Amanda!
 Well my friends that's it for today. I hope you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by and until next time.... Enjoy life's blessings~


  1. I really enjoy getting to know you better each week, Jo!! Your children are so beautiful and Tiki is absolutely adorable!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Hi Jo, (Just typed this, but since it didn't show up, I'll do it Uh-gin). Enjoyed reading a little bit about who you are. You have 2 lovely children, and I can feel the joy you take in them. Hope you are feeling much improved health-wise and all things are going well for you. Back later, so in the meantime, TFS. Hugs

  3. Fabulous, Jo. Looks like lots of talent in your gene pool.

  4. What fabulous questions from the ladies!!! I loved getting to know you even better Jo!! You children are amazing, I am in awe of your son and at how talented he is as well as your beautiful daughter. I love your sweet puppy too, we all need furbabies in our lives as they bring so much joy and company! I don't have any Lawn Fawn stamps to hope to someday. They are adorable!!

  5. Wow...awesome questions this week and of course...GREAT answers Jo!! I will definitely check out Lawn Fawn and Scrapbook Supply! You have a beautiful family Jo! Your son and daughter both sound very gifted and extremely talented!!
    My oldest also has a passion for music. He is a song writer and sings in local pubs and writes music for artists in NY. I am not sure were he gets his talent from because my husband nor I sing by any means. He is also very gifted!
    Your daughter is just adorable and your puppy looks so sweet! How fun to share your life with us. I am enjoying getting to know you a bit better each week!
    Have a super day!
    Sherrie K

  6. More great questions - thanks ladies. I'm glad that you said Lawn Fawn - I would have bet my house you'd say that LOL Nice to have a little more catch up on the kids xx

  7. I love your sons name !! My baby is named Anthony Joseph ! Your daughter is beautiful ! You are very blessed !! Love talk time with you , all the questions are always great , and your answers always so helpful ! Thank you so much !!


  8. Awesome getting to know you better. I didn't have to wait almost 10 years, but we tried to conceive my second daughter for almost 3 so I know how hard the wait is (especially when you see other friends and family having 2nd and 3rd kids in that time). :)


Your lovely comments always put a smile on my face! I love reading each and every one! Thank you for stopping by~