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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Food For Thought on Saturday~

Happy Saturday my crafty friends!
  I hope you are all having a crafty Saturday. While my plans were to get in my craft room and put more things away and get rid of some of the boxes, my pain & body decided that it was not going to happen tonight. Maybe tomorrow? In any case, my stomach is not doing so well either. I made an awesome dinner tonight for the family and my daughter's friend (who is spending the night) but I couldn't even have any because of the cramping. I am going through that change of life thing that we women go through and if I am not suffering from the night sweats and hot flashes, I am dealing with my monthly cycle hitting me at what seems to be every two weeks instead of every month! UGG I hate it! So while I am hungry and want to dive into the chicken over angel hair with a creamy spinach and roasted pepper garlic sauce, I cannot! So what I was doing, was checking my emails and leaving comments on my friends' blogs and I came across a post from my friend Tina's Blog, Confessions of a DeNami Addict and saw her post this:

"Lately I've felt myself struggling and don't seem to have any vision when I try to craft. Have you've ever felt that way? I sit at my desk surrounded by darling doo-dads, pretty papers and ribbons galore yet I can't seem to make anything I'm happy with. I think I have a form of writers block...card block perhaps?"
 So I told her I would copy/paste what I had left for her as a comment here on my blog, because I really believe that I am on to something with writer's block, or at least I want to think I'm that special! LOL So here is what I am thinking about it...There have been many times, just like Tina and many of you out there, that I've shoved things around and been surrounded by gorgeous embellishments and papers and came up empty. It happens to us all and I've actually sat and tried to think about why this happens and so what I've come up with ... is that I think we try to hard to create something MORE amazing then the last thing we made and we try to "WOW" our readers so it becomes more of a competition or battle of the blogs and we forget to just have FUN and RELAX. When we take that pressure off of ourselves and not try to out do so and so, we tend to create the most beautiful things without the stress and writer's block. At least that's what I think anyways! So there ya have it. My food for thought on a Saturday!

~Until next time, enjoy life's blessings~


  1. I am so sorry you aren't feeling well ! I know it's hard , especially when there's things you know you want to do .Try to rest as much as you can , and hopefully your body starts to ease up .

    I agree with you completely , I think we end up getting crafters block because we push and push ourselves to a standard we have in our minds. We do need to remember its for the joy and love of crafting that we do this . I loved reading this today !
    Hope you feel better soon my friend 😊


  2. Jo I couldn't agree more with your thought. I know I also "compare" my crafty projects to others who can knock my project out the park. lol But I have finally realized that I am who I am and my projects are me, so I am happy with them and I have stopped trying to be as good as everyone else. I'm just me.

  3. Hey, Jo, sorry you are under the weather - sounds awful. Feel better!

    I sometimes get a block for creating but it doesn't last long - I love, love, love making cards! I try not to compare my cards to other people's because I don't feel like mine ever measure up. But I enjoy making them and the recipients enjoy receiving them so that's what keeps me going. And I find challenges very inspiring - and I love seeing what other people create. Hope you're feeling better soon...

  4. Jo, I am so sorry you aren't feeling so great. That is such a bummer-hang in there, it should all pass sometime soon. Try and get plenty of rest, good nutrition and keep yourself somewhat busy-those are things that have always helped me...hugs! Feel better soon!

    I also get into a rut or block for creating from time to time to. Take a little break when you need to, regroup and start over.
    I try to just take in the inspiration that I see when looking at projects and then make it my own~I love to just create whatever comes to mind and so many out there are way above what I could ever do but I am happy with just doing what I enjoy and that is crafting!
    Have a great day Jo and thinking of you!
    Big hugs my friend!
    Sherrie K

  5. I hope you are feeling much better my friend. Hopefully with rest you will be back to normal soon. Praying for you.

    I totally agree with you about writer's/crafter's block being caused by trying to push yourself too hard to do better. I'm suffering with it now and crafting isn't fun. I want to craft, but when I get to my room, I am at a loss as what to do. Usually what helps me when my mojo is gone is to visit other blogs to get inspiration.

    Thinking of you - feel better my friend!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Aweeeee! <3 I'll be e-mailing you shortly :)

  7. I sure hope you are feeling better! That is no fun and while trying to keep a family up and running! Tough stuff and I send you lots of blessings!

    Yes, I go through crafter's block often. It usually is when I have a deadline or parameters I must stay within that isn't "speaking" to me. I often take a break or move onto something else. Crafting is suppose to be fun. Something that always helps me is to create with someone in mind and think how much they would enjoy the treasure you made by hand.

  8. Hello sweet Jo! I saw your comment on my blog and had to come say hi right away. I feel awful for abandoning my blog and so many wonderful friends over the past year and a half. I have NO excuses, but only hope that you might forgive my absence and that we can reconnect again. You are such a kind hearted human being and I love you girl--thank you for leaving a comment for me, that means A LOT. You are so thoughtful and I'm just plain blessed to know you. I love this post you've done today. I agree wholeheartedly and it's a great reminder that we are all sisters in our love for crafting and sisters in God as well, so although competition can be fun and, to a degree, healthy, I love your suggestion that we might realize the greater gifts of crafty blogging and creating...that we get to meet so many wonderful people through it, gain inspiration in many ways from others and grow friendships that are super special. These things are priceless and so much more rewarding than winning any challenge or contest or outdoing ourselves or others. Thank YOU dear Jo. You inspire me and I'm so thankful to see that you are so active in your blogging and crafting. I'm excited to catch up with you now that I'm trying to get back to it myself and look forward to a continuing friendship with one of the sweetest gals evah! :) big hugs and I hope you feel better today and have relief from the icky symptoms of "the change" ugh...Have a wonderful day and evening! xoxo


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