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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Talk Time Tuesday~ Ask Jo!

Hello my sweet friends!
Welcome back to another Talk time Tuesday with yours truly! Boy is it cold!! BRRR! Have you been watching the news and hearing about the blizzard Juno? I am in the path of it but as of the looks of it this morning, there was a shift in the storm and some places may not see nowhere near as much as they were predicting.

I remember living in Texas and praying for snow. I had missed it because in Texas, the only snow you see are flurries if the temps get too cold. When I moved back home to NJ, I said I was looking forward to seeing the four seasons again and having some snow. Well the Man upstairs heard me and He is giving me some of the pretty white stuff!
The news said last night that my area could see up to 3 feet of it but it doesn't look like that will happen, thankfully. We do have a ton of snow falling down but it should be over by 4pm today and now they are saying we will have about 4-6 inches when it's over!! That is a HUGE difference from 3 feet! LOL The only thing that makes this scary for me is the fact that I live at the beach and the coast is getting hit the hardest with 50mph winds with hurricane strength and we are in severe flood warnings. I have the ocean 4 blocks up from me and the bay literally in my back yard. So if you could, please keep my family and I in your prayers from the flooding. :)

Well I am kind of confused my dear friends. I had so many of you email me often to ask me to please bring this segment back to the blog, but nobody is writing in, well except for one sweet gal who wrote in on Jan. 22nd. :) 

Aussie Girl wants to know, "what is your favorite art medium and how do you use it?"
 Hi Aussie Girl! Hmmm.. I have a couple of mediums that I like to play with generally speaking but if I can only choose one, I would have to say my favorite medium is texture paste. There are two that I like to use, Ranger Ink texture paste and Wendy Vecchi crackled texture paste

I love creating texture on canvas backgrounds with this medium. I use a crafting spatula knife and spread the paste all over my canvas leaving little peeks to give the look of stucco when it drys. It's so cool looking and so much fun! But this medium allows you to achieve all types of looks and fun textures. Mix a little bit of alcohol inks, paint or stain with a small amount of it for a colored texture. Add it over a stencil to create a raised look. Use a fine paint brush to lightly brush the edges of your project for a little distressed look or shabby chic feel. In this photo, I used the Ranger Ink texture paste on the gray/white circle on this canvas. The "white" portion is the texture paste. It was applied over the top of that circle stencil and now that it has dried, it is raised. You cannot see the raised effect as much in this photo but I promise, it is raised up. 

The possibilities are literally endless. So thanks for writing in Aussie girl and I hope you give this medium a try! If you do, please share what you create! 

Well friends, that is it for today. Please write in with questions you want answered or topics you would like to see talked about during our Tuesdays together :) 

 Thanks for stopping by and until next time.... Enjoy life's blessings~


  1. I'm glad the storm isn't as bad as they were predicting...still, that's a lot of snow. Praying that there is no flooding and that the winds die down. Stay safe and warm my friend!! I would be happy not to have any more snow the rest of the winter!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Cold in the morns here in Central TX but by noon it is warm & sunny in the high 60s. A couple days ago it rained & then we had some light snow flurries but luckily none of it stuck. In 2012 the Dallas metroplex had 12 1/2" snow and that was the yr Dallas hosted the Super Bowl. I remember a Valentine's Day that it snowed and we made snowmen in the front yard. I do not mind the cold weather but do not care for the wind or ice. My fav seasons are Spring & Fall.
    Not used either of the texture pastes you mention. I have used Patch-N-Paste as a texture paste with stencils.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. I could never handle all of that snow all of the time. It is pretty when it comes down though.

  4. What a great question and interesting looking project Jo. Cant wait to see some more of your work

  5. Thank you for sharing. All this weather talk reminds us of why we are in Arizona! So far we have not spent summers here, but have been around for quite a few days over 100 - and found we did not mind so much. We had plenty of snow, ice and humidity when we lived in the Omaha area for over 40 years!

  6. Yes, we too dodged a bullet with this storm and didn't get what they predicted for us either, which wasn't a lot to begin with. I know Boston was seeing 80 MPH winds, glad it was them and not me! I know how Ocean City get's so flooded so I can imagine how the ocean is in your backyard. I hope it has receded and all is well now. So that is why it is snowing so much! lol Don't wish for so much next time. lol I'm so done with winter, but winter isn't done with us. More snow on Thurs. and Sun. for us. Hopefully not much! Bring on spring please!!! lol That was a great question. I love texture paste too although I haven't played much with it and tend to forget about it. Hugs, Brenda

  7. So glad to hear you didn't get too much snow! I live on a hill so we get some pretty strong wind gusts which at times sound like they are pulling our shingles off the roof. I'll be praying you don't experience any flooding.

    I have both those texture pastes on my wish list and can't wait to try them. I asked a local store if they could stock them (so I could use their frequent coupons) and they sounded like they would, but they still haven't received any. I even finally broke down and bought my first stencil from Simon Says Stamp to use with it. ;)

  8. Love your project. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm so glad the snow wasn't as high as predicted. I hope the flooding didn't damage anything.
    Thanks for the info. I bought some paste but haven't used it. I mostly make cards and they need to be postal friendly so I thought it would be too heavy.
    Glad to see you are able to do a little creating. Praying for you my friend.
    Designs By Dragonfly {blogspot}

  9. I got to play with textured paste in my Let's Get Messy class yesterday - I think it's my new favorite too! The possibilities are endless :)


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