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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ask Jo! Talk Time Tuesday~

Hello my sweet friends!
Welcome back to another Talk time Tuesday!  No question to answer today as nobody wrote in this past week however, I wanted to share something with you. I am having an awesome online candle party and thought that I would extend the invitation to all of you. How many of you enjoy burning candles? And how many of you have spent money on candles only to have the wick burn out so that you couldn't use the candle anymore? or how many have spent money on candles that just never smelled hardly at all?? I have had both of these issues happen to me time and time again until now. 

Jewelry in Candles is a candle company that I can promise you not only has a ton of burn time hours, but also has the BEST smells in the world! I want to eat my candles when they are burning because they smell so darn good! LOL 
And what is so cool about this candle company is that not only do you get the awesome burn times and amazing smells, but you also get a piece of jewelry in each one!! Yep! You get to pick between earrings, rings or necklaces for either a woman or a man, personalized to your sizes. And the jewelry pieces are pretty fantastic if I do say so myself. Have a look....this is some of the reveals for women found just this month in a few of the candles...............
And here is one of the rings for the men's reveal this month
This candle company really makes candle loving a more enjoyable experience because they do it up right. They have super fast shipping, extremely awesome smelling candles, great burn times (some burn over 700 hours) and they even give you a little piece of jewelry. Not bad right? And with Valentine's day just around the corner, this could be a perfect gift to give to someone you love or even for yourself!
So if you would like to browse the candles and maybe get your hands on one of these beautiful pieces of jewelry, then all you have to do is just CLICK HERE and click on "Shop Now". My online party will be open until February 20th and I thank you in advance if you do purchase a candle.

Well friends, that is it for today. Please write in with questions you want answered or topics you would like to see talked about during our Tuesdays together :) 

 Thanks for stopping by and until next time.... Enjoy life's blessings~


  1. Those are pretty jewelry pieces.I burn a couple candles when I'm showering. I have a huge red heart-shaped candle that a friend gave me years ago. Friend has since passed away & I miss her and remember the good times when I burn the candle. This candle has had a long burn time & scent. I also have another candle, not sure when I got it but I found it in the cupboard and have been burning it and it has a nice scent. Otherwise if I'm not burning a candle I like Bath & Body Works WallFlowers that last for a good while & have wonderfuls scents. A fav scent of my daughter & I that is a seasonal scent of 2014 is Sweater Weather.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. Hi Jo. Thank you for the invite but I don't use candles.
    Have a good day.

  3. Hi my friend !!!!! I can imagine how wonderful these candles smell, you describe them perfectly !!!! I hope you are doing well !!! Wish you a blessed and beautiful week !!!


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