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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

IMPORTANT!! Stampin Up News....

Hello my friends,
  I hope your day is going well. I wanted to jump on here real quick to write this post to you and to ask you for a sweeeeet favor :)

I decided that I wanted to keep my Stampin Up business separate from this blog because this is and will be, the home of 3 Twenty Crafts and Jo's Scrap Shack. I feel like too much will just end up becoming too confusing or chaotic. So I created a new blog that will be strictly for Stampin Up only. I would kindly ask that you all join my new blog to support me and get my followers up there. This will also benefit you too because there will be no confusion and if you want to know anything regarding Stampin Up, you will find it all on the new blog without anything else
sharing the spotlight. :)

I will announce the winner of the gift bag kit on the new blog on June 2nd from today's post. So in order to know if you are the winner, you will want to be subscribed to the blog.

I will be referencing both blogs on each blog as there will be a lot happening on both blogs that I am sure you would like to know about. I have a lot of things in store and its just a matter of a little bit of brainstorming and a lot of patience. :)

So if you will be so kind my sweet friends and help me out, and I will in return offer you a few ways to win some goodies! Please hop on over to Jo's Stampin' Studio and subscribe by email. And here are a few incentives that can help you win some goodies!

  • Subscribe to my blog and have your name entered to win the gift bag kit not once but 2x!
  • Refer a friend to my blog and your name will be entered to win a $25 credit to my Stampin' Up Store if your friend subscribes! Your friend will NEED to leave a comment or email me with YOUR name as the one who referred them, in order to be eligible for that gift credit. The more friends that subscribe to my blog through your referrals, the more your name goes into the drawing! Make sure to tell your friends about this too, because after they subscribe, they can refer their friends so that they can have chances to win the gift credit too!
  • Get 20 friends to subscribe to my blog and receive 30% off your first order, 20% off your second order and 10% off your third order!  
Well my friends, I hope I have inspired you enough to get your friends subscribing  and to be able to see and feel the love and support from you all. 
Until next time, enjoy life's blessings!


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